Hampshire Genealogical Society

HGS Family History Groups

*** Although some HGS groups have resumed in-person meetings, some are continuing to run meetings via Zoom, and others running a mixture of in-person / Zoom meetings, so please do check to see the type of meeting. 

For those meetings that are held via Zoom, please contact the appropriate Group Organiser no later than 24 hours prior to the talk to be added to the invitation list. Remember to include your membership number or indicate if you are a guest.

If you plan on travelling to an in-person meeting where you are not already on the Group Organiser’s contact list, we suggest that you contact the Group Organiser to let them know: this way, if the meeting is cancelled (e.g. due to speaker unavailability) they will be able to let you know, saving you an unnecessary trip.

**Please note that not all venues are yet open / have issued their guidelines, so do check back regularly for updates.**

We meet regularly to discuss the opportunity to share, learn, exchange ideas and information, as well as to help us each further explore our family history projects.  Why not come along and see for yourself?

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