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Hartley Mauditt and West Worldham Village Booklet

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The Hartley Mauditt and West Worldham village booklet (VB080) is an outstanding study of the history of these two ancient Hampshire villages and their parishes of St Leonard and St Nicholas.

Hartley Mauditt and West Worldham are situated approximately three miles south east of Alton and three miles north of Selborne.

Read about how Hartley Mauditt, with it’s isolated church dating to the early 12th Century, declined over the 17th and 18th centuries and eventually became a lost village which is now reputedly haunted.

This twelve page booklet includes a map and is packed with historical information about both village churches, the school and contiguous parishes. Many local surnames of landowners, farm workers and school mistresses are also included.

To assist with your research, useful references for Hartley Mauditt and West Worldham documents, records and photographs held at the Hampshire Record Office are given throughout, together with website addresses for more information.


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