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Corhampton Village Booklet

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The Village Booklet on Corhampton explores this ancient Hampshire village in the Meon Valley, so close to the village of Meonstoke that their churches almost touch. This booklet describes a village overflowing with early history. The manors of Corhampton and Lomer are some of the earliest recorded.

Along with a useful map showing Corhampton and its contiguous settlements, are descriptions of the places of worship, past and present. The church is one of the most intact Saxon churches in the country, the detail of which is set out in this booklet.

So, with old manors and churches, it’s not surprising therefore that Corhampton is also home to one of the earliest village schools.

Surnames of Corhampton inhabitants abound and include the imporant Wyndham family. From school master and inn keeper to landowner; sources as diverse as Hearth Taxes, Enclosure Awards and Trade Directories are explored. Were your family millers along the River Meon or did they work the land? If you have connections to the village of Corhampton, the many references to records in the Hampshire Records Office will help to guide your research.


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