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Hampshire baptism records (1813-1921) now on Ancestry

Hampshire baptism records (1813-1921) now on Ancestry

In December 2021, family history website Ancestry and Hampshire County Council announced a partnership in which the company would digitise the county’s historic records. A year later, the first tranche consisting of probate records was launched.

Recently Ancestry has added a new collection of 1,583,654 Hampshire baptism records dating from 1813-1921.

The baptism records can now be searched online. These records are an important resource for family history because children were normally baptised shortly after birth, so they help to prove when and where an ancestor was born, as well as showing the names of their parents and the profession of the father.

Note – the baptism records do NOT include parishes in Southampton and Portsmouth which are kept at the Southampton Archives and the Portsmouth History Centre respectively..

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