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Hampshire Archives Trust (HAT) is a member-led charity that works to support and promote Hampshire’s rich archival heritage – preserving memories for the future.
HISTORY LECTURES BY MONTH AT GRESHAM COLLEGE – includes the short link for print: 
Weds 14, 6pm Progresses: Royal Courts on the Move in Tudor and Stuart England Professor Simon Thurley; David Game College, Aldgate/ Online/ Watch Later gres.hm/royal-progresses 
Weds 21, 6pm, Gods of Prehistoric Britain Professor Ronald Hutton, David Game College, Aldgate/ Online/ Watch Later gres.hm/prehistoric-gods
Tues 27, 6pm,  War and Peace in Europe from Hitler to Putin Professor Richard J Evans, David Game College, Aldgate/ Online/ Watch Later gres.hm/hitler-putin
Thurs 6, 6pm, Tuberculosis: A Cultural HistoryProfessor Joanna Bourke, Barnard’s Inn Hall/ Online/ Watch Later gres.hm/tb-history
Weds 12, 6pm,  The Lost Cities and Amazing Heritage of Kenya, Robin Walker, David Game College, Aldgate/ Online/ Watch Later gres.hm/kenya-cities
Mon 17, 6pm, Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution, Sudhir Hazareesingh, David Game College, Aldgate/ Online/ Watch Later gres.hm/toussaint-louverture
Tues 18, 6pm  Britain’s Foreign Policy in a Fast-Changing World, Peter Ricketts, Mercers’ Hall/ Online/ Watch Later gres.hm/britains-fp
Thurs 20, 6pm The Politics of Fabric and Fashion in Africa 1960-Today Christine Checinska David Game College, Aldgate/ Online/ Watch Later, gres.hm/africa-fashion
Tues 1, 6pm, Partition of British India, 75 Years On Kavita Puri, David Game College, Aldgate/ Online/ Watch Later gres.hm/india-partition
Mon 7, 6pm The Trials of Alexei Navalny Thomas Grant QC  Barnard’s Inn Hall,  Online/ Watch Later gres.hm/navalny-trials
Tues 8, 6pm, Why did Europe’s Economies Diverge from Asia? Professor Martin Daunton, Barnard’s Inn Hall, Online/ Watch Later gres.hm/diverge-asia
Thurs 10, 6pm, Polio: A Cultural History, Professor Joanna Bourke Barnards’ Inn Hall, Online/ Watch Later gres.hm/polio-history 
Weds 16, 6pm The Irish Question and the Ulster Question Then and Now, Professor Vernon Bogdanor David Game College, Aldgate/ Online/ Watch  Later gres.hm/irish-ulster
Weds 23, 6pm Lives in Limbo: Jewish Refugess in Portugal, 1940-45 Professor Marion Kaplan, Barnard’s Inn Hall/ Online/ Watch Later gres.hm/refugees-portugal 
Mon 5, 6pm London’s Air: The 70th Anniversary of the Great London SmogVisiting Professor Ian Mudway, Barnard’s Inn Hall/ Online/ Watch later  gres.hm/londons-air (this is an Environmental Health Professor, not strictly History, but should be of interest to local societies)
Tues 6, 1pm, The Israel-Palestine Conflict: Religion, Violence and Peacebuilding by Professor Jolyon Mitchell, Barnard’s Inn Hall/ Online/ Watch later  gres.hm/israel-palestine 
Weds 7, 6pm, Paganism in Roman Britain, Professor Ronald Hutton, David Game College/ Online/ Watch Later gres.hm/paganism-roman 
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