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*ARCHIVE* Scottish Indexes Conference – 6th Dec 2020

During 2020 we have been hosting a series of free Scottish genealogy events, a series of conferences designed to help you trace your Scottish family tree.

A highlight of the December 2020 Scottish Indexes Conference will be ‘Your Burning DNA Questions’, a presentation by one of Scotland’s leading genealogists, Michelle Leonard, which will answer DNA questions. Watch the video below where Michelle explains her idea, then post your questions in the Facebook group.


Registration Instructions

Facebook: This is an easy way to watch and interact with the presenters and attendees of the Scottish Indexes Conference. It is also possible to cast the conference to a TV which makes viewing more comfortable. Click here to join the Scottish Indexes Facebook Group.

Zoom: Many of us are now more familiar with Zoom than we were back in April when we held our first conference. We have now expanded our package so there is plenty of capacity if you would prefer to watch on Zoom. Click here to register on Zoom.


The conference is completely free and we don’t even have a recommended donation. If you want to learn about Scottish genealogy we want you to attend. Obviously, there are expenses involved in hosting such a large virtual event and it does take a bit of time. If you would like to donate to help cover the costs involved, here are some options.

Scottish Indexes Conference Donation – £10 –
Scottish Indexes Conference Donation – £20 –
Scottish Indexes Conference Donation – £50 –



Here are the presentations we are looking forward to on Sunday 6 December 2020:

  • ‘The Highlands: Jacobites, Clearances and Emigration’, by Lorna Steele, Community Engagement Officer at the Highland Archive Centre.
  • ‘Understanding Scottish Inheritance Records’ by Chris Paton, genealogist at www.scotlandsgreateststory.co.uk and author of ‘Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry through Church and State Records’, available here.
  • ‘Researching Scottish Ancestors from a Distance’, by B.J. Jamieson, genealogy reference specialist at Maine State Library.
  • ‘Using FindMyPast to go Beyond Basic Birth, Marriage & Death Records’, by Myko Clelland, genealogist at FindMyPast.
  • ‘Your Burning DNA Questions’, by Michelle Leonard of Genes & Genealogy, co-author of ‘Tracing Your Ancestors Using DNA: A Guide for Family Historians’, available here.
  • ‘Borders Family History Society’, an interview with Elma Fleming, chair of Borders Family Society.
  • ‘Orkney Family History Society’, by Jackie Harrison of Orkney Family Society.
  • ‘Using Kirk Session Records’ by Emma Maxwell, Genealogist at Scottish Indexes.
  • Genealogy Q&A, hosted by Graham and Emma Maxwell

To accommodate people around the globe the programme will begin at 7 am BST and end at 10:30 pm BST. There will be time to ask our panel of genealogists questions throughout the day and, as always, there will be two Question and Answer sessions.


We are still finalising the details for the December conference, full schedules will be posted online as soon as possible. We start at 7am UK time, which is in the evening in Australia and New Zealand. We keep going until about 11pm UK time so that people in the United States and Canada can watch too. Each presentation is shown twice throughout the day and we have a live Q&A with each presenter, as well as two longer Q&A sessions throughout the day. See below for schedules in a variety of timezones.

Past Conferences

This will be our 7th free conference of 2020. These events are designed to be interactive and are best watched live. Some presentations from previous conferences are available to watch again. Visit our Past Conferences page to see what you’ve missed so far.

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