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Ancestry DNA matches to be removed?


It seems that AncestryDNA will be making changes meaning that 1000s of people who currently appear as DNA matches will disappear, as soon as 1st August (exact date not known). This is being reported from various sources, who attended a conference call with Ancestry. There are ways to keep some of these matches, but action is needed to do so (details in the lostcousins newsletter & the DNA-explained blog).

It’s not clear whether it is matches of 6-7cM or 6-8cM which are being removed. Hopefully Ancestry will have a message announcing this on the site in the near future.

1. Here’s a quote from lostcousins (website link follows):

“Ancestry are in the process of updating their DNA matching criteria, and that as part of this process almost all matches where users share less than 8cM will be removed, probably next month (see below for the exceptions). The current threshold is 6cM, and I estimate that as many as 8000 of my 24000 matches will be lost.”


2. Another from Cruwys news:


3. And from DNA-explained. This one has detailed suggestions on actions to take:

Ancestry to Remove DNA Matches Soon – Preservation Strategies with Detailed Instructions

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