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HGS and Videoconferencing

Although there has been some relaxing of the lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK, we are still not allowed to meet in large numbers. In March, we advised groups that they should cancel all meetings until July at the earliest. Who knows when this will change?

As you are probably aware, over the past few months, the use of videoconferencing services such as Skype and Zoom has been used to enable groups of people and families to meet on-line.

Your Executive Committee has met on several occasions using Zoom. Indeed the Family History Federation recently held their Annual General Meeting using WebEx and 39 people were able to participate. We are currently investigating how we can utilise this technology for our own 2020 AGM.

We now know that several speakers have already presented to societies using videoconferencing. The Executive Committee has taken this on board and believes this is a way local groups can extend attendance to other members across the world.

Local groups can also hold their own members’ meetings by using this technology. Is this something you have thought about doing to keep in touch with your fellow group attendees?

The Executive Committee is considering purchasing a subscription to one of these services that will be available to the Society and local groups. The use of this technology will also reduce our travelling cost.

Should you think this is a good idea or have some other suggestions how this might benefit the membership, please feel free to contact me or any member of the Executive Committee.

Paul Pinhorne

Chairman Hampshire Genealogical Society

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