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Request for articles



Here in the UK, as is the case in other countries where we have HGS members, many of us have been in a state of ‘Lockdown’ for a number of weeks.

So what have you been doing during this time? Have you used this as an opportunity to tidy up your research work, or consolidate your research if you have access to many of the family history research websites?

Why not let us know what you have done. Let us know what you have achieved.

We have our own Facebook page where a small article can be placed or small articles can be put on the Website. Or, why not produce a larger article for the Historian magazine so every member can learn from what you have done. You may have broken through that proverbial ‘brick wall’ after many years struggling to find that lost ancestor.

Please send your articles to our editor Stephen at editor@hgs-online.org.uk and I know he would be pleased to receive it.


Paul Pinhorne – HGS Chairman

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